Sci and Tech Intel as a Profession

China HackersThe practice of applying intelligence principles to science and technology (S&T) for purposes of security, is a relatively new field. Of course, acquiring new technologies that can be used defensively has always been with us. However not a great deal of effort has been expended to make the field of S&T intelligence a professional enterprise.

This blog is an attempt to bring together information on this topic from professionals who are skilled in intelligence production and use. The motivations for this endeavor are straightforward. I have been intimately involved in S&T intelligence since the 1960s, and have been teaching the same for over twenty years. In spite of the general recognition that S&T knowledge is vital to security, there has been only a gradual acceptance of that intelligence as a significant element of national security. The S&T aspects of competitive intelligence have been slower to evolve, but the pace of interest in this field is accelerating. An increasing number of business, research, technology, and investment professionals are now focusing on use of intelligence to exploit technology. It is no secret that US technology has been a target of foreign intelligence especially since 1940. Therefore it is evident that there is the need to integrate these experiences in a practitioner-oriented blog at a time when the field is still young.