385 Titan

Saturn’s moon Titan and Earth are even more alike than previously thought: New research shows that the giant moon has a global sea level, just like our own planet. Earlier observations have shown that Titan has a dense, Earth-like atmosphere, as well as stable liquids on its surface—although Titan’s seas consist of hydrocarbons like methane […]

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390 Pandora and Prometheus

Prometheus orbits Saturn just inside the skinny F ring. It Saturn’s most elongated known moon, being about 148 kilometers long but only 68 kilometers wide. Its periodic encroachment into the F ring creates the dark lanes visible in the inner part of the ring. This photo was taken March 15, 2015 as a part of […]

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395 Jupiter’s Moons

When Voyager 1 spacecraft approached Jupiter in March 1979, planetary scientists expected the planet’s four large moons to be intriguing subjects worth of significant observing time. The largest moons are Europa, Ganymede, Io and Callisto. But innermost Io delivered beyond almost anyone’s dreams. Images revealed nine erupting volcanoes, each dwarfing anything ever seen on Earth. […]

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399 Mars

  Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and orbits the Sun at an average distance of approximately 141 million miles (225 million km). Mars rotates on its axis, completing one revolution every 24.6 hours. The axis of Mars is tilted at 25 degrees and 12 minutes relative to its orbital plane about the […]

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401 Sun’s Evolution

The Sun, like most stars in the Universe, is on the main sequence stage of its life, during which nuclear fusion reactions in its core fuse hydrogen into helium. Every second, 600 million tons of matter are converted into neutrinos, solar radiation, and roughly 4 x 1027 Watts of energy. For the Sun, this process […]

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403 Solar Flares

Solar Storm WARNING: Solar flare to blast Earth with intense radiation TODAY, April 10, 2018. Solar winds ejected from a monstrous gash in the surface of the Sun are barreling towards Earth and scientists have warned to prepare for the full effects of a solar storm TODAY. A solar storm alert is in affect for […]

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